Machine Guards

     We know machine related accidents out on the production floor happen all of the time. Accidents can be extremely costly too. Most of the time they are avoidable. At CMR we fabricate & install custom guarding on all different types of machines. We will meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI Standards. When we design and fabricate our guards, we do so under the assumption that the employee / operator "wants" to cut their fingers off, that they "want" to get their hand caught in a die. We assume that they want to inflict bodily harm on purpose. We absolutely prefer that all guarding make it physically impossible to gain access to the Point of Operation or Pinch Point. Self inflicted injury on purpose is what we design our guards for, we will not just fabricate for the bare minimum within reason.

CMR Guard Design & Fabrication Standards

     Depending on the size, intricacies of the guard that has to be fabricated and the location of the facilities, we will either fabricate the guard on site or fabricate them back in our shop. Often, it is more efficient to fabricate the guards on site so that the affected machine is more accessible for fitting the guard, mounting & drilling and so forth. If the guard has to be fabricated on site CMR will provide most of our own equipment, welder, shear, etc. We only ask for a few concessions...

  • 110 volt line for power tools

  • 220 volt line for a welder within 50' feet of a welding area

  • A safe area to accommodate welding & acetylene torch 

  • Oxygen & Acetylene gas (we don't transport gas)

On Site Guard Fabrication
The customer is to understand that our guards are not to be defeated or altered!!!

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