Machine Plumbing

Pneumatic Systems

     We thread a lot of pipe for Many different jobs. Our capabilities are from 1/4" inch to 2" inch. Whether it is a facility pneumatic system to a pneumatic system on a machine or an oil return system on a machine. 

     Many people take their pneumatic systems for granted until they begin discharging water, excessive oil or both. Gauges and some plumbing apparatus can rupture due to excessive pressures and temperatures. Add a little machine vibration to that and you can end up with a pretty decent mess. Much of the time we find that poorly trained or under manned maintenance personnel add, subtract, reroute lines and other items on Lube and Pneumatic systems over the years that slowly create larger issues.


Lube Systems

     We build, rebuild & repair lube systems so we run a lot of tubing too. Lube systems suffer the same fate as pneumatic systems. On older machines, over the years, many maintenance personnel add, subtract, reroute critical lube plumbing. Much of the time nobody notices until there is a large puddle of oil on the floor or critical working surfaces become seriously damaged. Sometimes lube blocks leak or get bound and the system shuts down entirely. Tracking down the affected lube line can become an inconvenient truth really quick. Meter fittings get clogged from coolant entering the system through the oil drains or lack of filtration in general.

We use Ridgid Extreme Performance Thread Cutting Oil

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